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If you're an artist of any form, you can 100% relate to this

First of all, this blog doesn't use artificial intelligence technology for writing. This is all from my head, though unhinged and usually full of cringy and corny theories. No, I do not consider myself an essayist or a poet. And there are times impostor syndrome chews my core saying I'm not even good enough of an "artist" in comparison to the plethora of super-talented, real-real artists out there.

Anyway, back to the topic. Straight to the point, I'm talking about "unused creativity". I'm bad at definitions so I'm just gonna use myself as an example:

I am an artist (mostly digital, sometimes traditional), BUTTT, fun fact, I was raised as a musician. That is my very first art form. I can just gracefully, soulfully lose myself in the piano or in the guitar. There were times in my college life, I purposefully play my instruments until 4AM, singing some of my favourite songs, some mellow Christian songs and smooth gospel. This is influenced by my childhood. I grew up in a small, local church surrounded by singers and musicians. So MUSIC MUSIC MUSICCC. It's home. It's my life. That's the real me.

But I'm also a documentary photographer. In all my travels in the past years, I was blessed to meet so many amazing people, and see many places and experience many events. I captured them through my camera, not just aesthetically, but because I loved the process so deeply. I spent time with these amazing people, listened to their stories, and in each community I stepped into, I was welcomed. They opened up to me--even considered me "family". So yea, documentary photography is also home to me. I will never, ever let go of it.

Now as I write this, I realize maybe "unused creativity" is not the right word. I simply contain multitudes, that jumping between these artforms *IS* part of being an artist. I'm not a "visual" "musical" or "photography" artist. I'm simply an "artist". I don't have to choose what to focus on. These art forms live IN ME. There is no conflict in which I must choose. DUDE I- This last paragraph I just wrote is kinda beautiful ngl 👀

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