1. Are you open for commissions right now? I can't take on huge projects right now because I currently have a major contract. Only small projects that have approx. 2-3 weeks turnover period. However, still all slots are currently filled.

  2. What tools do you use? Wacom Bamboo + Photoshop, and now a little bit of Procreate

  3. Where do you get your references? I get most of them from - very useful!

  4. What's your rate? I don't have a rate. Give me a brief of what you want and I'll give you a price quote. 

  5. How did you develop your rough art style? I'm heavily influenced by concept/digital artists such as Theo Prins, Wadim Kashin, Finnian Macmanus, & Feng Zhu. Their earlier works from between 2013-2016 were inspirational to me, and I did my best to study their techniques. 

  6. In your cityscape art, you're just painting over photos. That's cheating! I paint over collages, not over photos as they are. I create a photo-collages (from, then paint over it, and do very extensive manipulation - all can take several days. That's my technique. I'm not a genius artist that does everything from scratch. Sorry.

  7. Do you do licensing? Yes. I highly recommend licensing my artworks. It's WAY cheaper than commission work, but there are limits and conditions in which the licensee can use it.

  8. What do you do outside of visual arts? I'm a music director during weekends. I play three instruments.

  9. Are you doing art full-time? No. I have a day job as a graphic designer.

  10. Do you have any on-going series right now? Yes. I have one new series right now called "Tagged by the Cosmos" (2019). I will always prioritize personal projects over commercial ones, because it keeps me sane and maintains my peace. I make better art when I don't suffer.

  11. Do you have any video tutorials? Not right now. Because of the nature of my process (which takes several days), it is a challenge for me to create even a timelapse. 


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